A. Dimitrijevic

I met Aleksandar 15 years ago in an art studio. There was a group of young people drawing and painting, preparing for entrance exams for fine arts, design and architecture. We had such a great time and the two of us stayed in touch for years, becoming good friends.
I was always intrigued by the way he presented images from real world in his art. In his own words:

My work is created as a result of thinking about interpersonal relationship manifested through the social (public) games. They are monumental compositions whose values are based on the expression of a simplified drawing in function of modern iconography.
I try to manifest, show the need of man to compete with others and with himself to reveal the world…I am not offering the solution or trying to rearrange the world around me, I am trying to explain it, the way it is, what is it made of. And that recognized image which stays captured in sub consciousness and is not present in everyday visual seeing of world that encircles us, in my work confronts you with the squeezed piece of paper as a document of the moment when reality is materialized.
So I am tireless explorer, activist and analyst of modern society. Through my work I preserve abandoned, I record forgotten, paint the invisible and I say suppressed things.

One of his paintings proudly hangs on the wall in my living room. I want to have more in the future!!!
Until then we can all enjoy his art online!

Memories, Game over

Idleness (entire series here)

Reconstruction of game (entire series here and here)

Kinder Garden (entire series here)

Puzzles (entire series here)

For more info visit Aleksandar’s web site: www.adimitrijevic.com

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