Mix two goofy and brilliant architects with concept, design, urban milieu, Belgrade, Athens and London, and you get SYNTHETICA.
CITY IS MY HOME is one of their projects that I really like. Here is how they describe it:

CITY IS MY HOME™  is a design concept that has an answer on current ecological issues while being socially responsible. It appropriates existing urban objects and furniture discarded on the streets and joyfully reinvents their use.
While all design products, eco-friendly ones included, do have a cost of production, CITY IS MY HOME™  products have none! They are cost free, absolutely ecological, vastly accessible, and engage their users with the city setting and their fellow citizens.
CITY IS MY HOME™   products are inverting the domestic environment by facilitating daily domestic activities in the city space. In that way their users do not have to consume any new products and ‘hide’ them in their house interiors but can satisfy their functional and aesthetical needs on the streets.
CITY IS MY HOME™   products are here! They are out there! They are for everybody! And most importantly – they are for free!

bollard bar

barrier crib

rack gym

salt box book stand

bus stop shoe rack

umbrella toilet


If you like this, check out their blog right here!

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