Bridge extensions for cyclists

(graduation project, june 2009)


June 15th, 1896. – European Championships in cycling. The route London – Topčider
1898. – race between cyclists and horsemen on the road Niš-Belgrade (horsemen won)

1999. – 7.5 km of bike paths was built (fromDorćol to Ada Ciganlija)

2006. – 8.2 km of bike paths was built on Ada Ciganlija
2007.  – around 20 km of paths was built in the central city area – from Dorćol to Ade, and from block 45 to Ostružnica
2008.  – completed construction of a network of bike trails in New Belgrade (overall length of 50 km)
September 28th, 2008. – in Belgrade, at Ušće (block 15), first skate park was open – total area around 2200 m².

Bike paths map, Belgrade

As a mode of transport, cycling is potential that Belgrade should use. In order to involve cyclists in traffic network it is relevant to achieve elementary link between the coast. Bridge extensions should create new connection between old and new part of Belgrade. Interventions are tailored to cyclists easiest movement, but are not exclusive just for them. Shaping the movements in bridge extensions and adding the new and interesting program which follows the movement, will create balance between cyclists and pedestrians.

Branko’s Bridge – Extension inside bridge construction – under-bridge pedestrian path along side with cultural content; Expansion of existing pedestrian path

Old Sava’s Bridge – Extension in the form of observation deck towards river confluence, expansion of pedestrian path on the opposite side

Gazela Bridge – Extension in the form of bicycle bridge added on existing construction

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