City Dress Me Up

City, Dress Me Up! is interdisciplinary project that involves architecture and fashion design. It aims towards knowledge exchange between these two creative disciplines and creation of new hybrid practices. Concept of City, Dress Me Up! is based upon series of workshops in different cities in different countries, starting with pilot workshop in Belgrade – Belgrade, Dress Me Up!

The workshops are based on the idea of transforming architectural and urban parameters of selected space, area or place into designing tools or guidelines that young designers would use in creating garments. It gathers students of architecture and fashion design, who will be working in pairs or small groups while trying to transform language of architecture and city into new product – clothes or fashion accessories.

Here is a sneak peek of final designs from Belgrade workshop:

You can see complete works here:

Group 1 – Spatial Reflection
Group 2 – Extension and Veil
Group 3 – (Un)Essential
Group 4 – Fabric Experiment
Group 5 – Superposition

Preview of the second workshop Tirana Dress Me Up.

See complete student works:

Group 1 – Morphosis
Group 2 – Skorts
Group 3 – Shadow Lines
Group 4 – Stained
Group 5 – Pharaohs of Galaxy
Group 6 – 2 in 1

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