Clothed Paintings II

Clothed Paintings II is the second iteration of collaborative art project between Danica Karaicic and Aleksandar Dimitrijevic started in 2013. Installation spans in between art (painting) and clothes (fashion design and dressing), and includes artists’ main themes of interest—elements of game and play typical for Aleksandar’s practice, and haptic experience of dressed body in architectural space, central motif of Danica’s research of perception of built environment.

Installation consists of paintings and fabrics with sewed garments, stretched between paintings using zippers. Visitors are encouraged to change the position of fabrics in the gallery space, and to try on the exhibited garments. Through movement and activity in space, the human body becomes “living” part of Aleksandar’s game, as well as part of the process of space-making. The exhibited garments enhance bodily awareness for each participant, simultaneously allowing visitors to become a part of the art work and architectural space in becoming.

All photos by Dejan Klement

Clothed Paintings II was realised as a part of the artist in residence program at UVUU.

Exhibited in September 2017 in Gallery Reflektor, Uzice. 

Support by:
Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)The University of Melbourne
Hrabri Krojac

Special thanks:
Ljuba Pecinar, Nevena Andjić, Blagojevic family, Dejan Klement, Jelena Dimitrijević



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