My earliest memories of river Djetinja are from the late 80s when waste water from “Cveta Dabic” used to dye the river in different colours.
River Djetinja was dammed in 1983, near the village of Vrutci, 12 km from the city. Water from the lake was used to supply Uzice with drinking water for the next few decades. In late 2013, as a consequence of red algae and cyanobacteria bloom, lake Vrutci was “contaminated”. The city, with 70 000 people, was left without drinking water for few weeks, and new water supply source had to be found.
Red algae are still present in Djetinja, and even though “Cveta Dabic” has been closed for years, river is still, from time to time, changing its colour to red.

Performance location:
river Djetinja, close to former textile company “Cveta Dabic”, Uzice.

Concept: Danica Karaičić
Video: Dejan Klement, Marijana Ćurčić
Editor: Miloš Vučićević

From the group exhibition Vreme obnove (photo credits: Deyan Clement, Marijana Curcic)

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