Take Away Space

Take Away Space was a white wall installation positioned in the centre of the exhibition space. Hand tools such as mallets and chisels and materials such as jewellery bases, glue and protective glasses were provided for visitors to chisel pieces of wall to design their own jewellery and exit the gallery wearing the space.

The central wall installation (approximately 200/170/15 cm) was built out of custom made plaster bricks with textiles imbedded into the bricks. The white wall with a potential to architecturally affect the existing gallery space provoked a corporeal engagement with the visitors. White garments that were imbedded in the plaster bricks exposed various textures on the surfaces of the bricks. The garments were bought in secondhand shops to reflect the city of Melbourne. I chose plaster as a material because it personally responded to my architectural experience of the city and the predominant use of plaster as a building material.

Haptic perception is an inseparable part of our experience of architectural space. The textile imprints created in Take Away Space became a sculptural relief but more importantly enhanced a tactile experience. Corporeal engagement and the activity of a small-scale demolition of the wall was intended to have an impact on the visitor’s memory and perception of the gallery space.

Photographs from the exhibition (26 jan – 10 feb 2017) at Seventh Gallery, Melbourne can be seen here. Photo credit: Jared Kuvent

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